An Ozobot is a robot that uses color and programming to execute commands created by the user. At the basic level, the Ozobot follows a path created by the user with markers on paper. Color codes can be added to this path to command the Ozobot to spin, turn, speed up and more. The next level has the user create paths electronically on an iPad with color commands. At the third level, the user creates instructions for the Ozobot to follow using a computer language called OzoBlockly whether on-line or on the iPad. Once the user has designed the task, places the Ozobot on the screen and uploads the program. The Ozobot performs the instructions and the operator observes the outcome to see if the the code was written correctly.

Learn more about OzoBlockly HERE.

HERE are some ideas for using Ozobots in the classroom

by Ashley Schmidt

Video and explanation from the OZOBOT website.


CONTROL WITH COLORS: When Ozobot detects unique sequences of colors, it is pre-programmed to perform different actions or change behavior. There are over 30 codes that make the robot change its speed, control decision making, perform special moves, etc. You can simply draw these codes with markers as colored line segments, use printed tracks or digital maps on tablets to control the robot. Color coding is very simple to grasp even for young children and it instills fundamentals of logical thinking and sequential programming through creative play. Learn more about the color codes HERE

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