A 3 minute video from New Matter that explains our 3-D printer.

We have two 3D printers in the Woll Family Center for Innovation this fall. We are testing the capabilities of these printers and will soon embark on learning how to use the printers and begin to understand design techniques so that we can create our own projects.

ARIS gaming platform

is the APP that our students use to create this interactive game.

We have been working for over two years on our walkportagepath.org project in conjunction with Portage Path CLC, in Akron, and students from the Northern Cheyenne Nation, in Montana. Our goal is to provide a web based experience (APP) that teaches people about the Portage Path, a national historical landmark in Akron, Ohio. Students from Kindergarten through 8th grade have created content that supports the APP. Middle school students created the web based APP called Walk the Ancient Path. Students are now finishing the coding for a role playing/augmented reality game that can be played while walking on the historic Portage Path.


October 9, 2017 at 1:00PM

Second Annual Indigenous People's Day Walk

From Portage Path CLC

to Summit County Historical Society.


Please come and join our schools for this historic walk.


Read about our first walk HERE.

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